Whispering Waters is located among the trees in a serene setting on N. Pine Run Road, in Boone, NC. When patients arrive at the animal clinic, they find a cozy cabin complete with a comfortable sofa to lounge on. Many animals find this environment to be relaxing and may not even realize that they are at the Doctor’s office. Dr. Maggie continues to keep them fooled as she sits next to the animal on the floor and does an exam while talking with the owner. Maggie’s focus is to treat the whole being and she often starts with the most basic element of healthcare; nutrition. This is an essential part of an animal’s well-being and can be the source of aliments as well as the solution. When developing treatment plans for an animal, Maggie utilizes a variety of resources and will work with the patient and owner to select the best approach. Modalities offered at the Whispering Waters Animal Clinic include:

Acupuncture / Aquapuncture - While Acupuncture is relatively new to the western world, the Chinese have used it for thousands of years. In veterinary acupuncture, small stainless steel needles, as small as the width of a hair, are inserted at certain points of the body to regulate bodily functions. According to traditional Chinese Medicine there is a flow of energy through the body called Chi that courses through channels called meridians. Imbalances of the energy levels can cause blockages in the flow of Chi allowing pathological conditions to occur. By stimulating specific points with the acupuncture needles, we are able to adjust the energy level and re-establish balance in order to promote healing. Acupuncture can help relieve a patient with arthritis, kidney ailments, skin allergies, and many other disorders. In aquapuncture, a small amount of liquid, usually B-12, is injected at the acupuncture points. This technique is faster and works very well in wiggling or restless animals.

Homeopathy - Homeopathy has been used since the late 1700’s to treat ailments in both people and animals. It is based on the principle of the Law of Similars. The belief is that minute quantities of a substance can stimulate the body to heal an ailment where large quantities of the same substance would cause symptoms. Homeopathic Remedies are made from many different substances including herbs, plants, and minerals.

Chiropractic Adjustment - Many cultures have practiced manipulation of the spine for centuries. Chiropractic care is centered on the relationship between the spinal column and the nervous system. Spinal adjustments are directed at a specific vertebral segment and focus on problems resulting from a neurological or biomechanical origin. Some conditions where chiropractic adjustment may be beneficial include back pain or stiffness, degenerative diseases such as spondylosis, or an animal who has experienced physical trauma.

Therapeutic Laser Treatment - Laser therapy can be has been very successful in the field of human medicine and we are pleased to be able to offer to our animals. The K laser Class IV by Spot Check has many beneficial uses including alleviating chronic pain and accelerating healing and rehabilitation. Deep penetrating photons from the laser influence cell chemistry in beneficial ways. Infrared wavelengths also create a warm sensation at a specific location in you pet’s body that requires treatment. Laser Therapy offers an alternative to a drug regiment for the treatment of chronic pain. It can significantly reduce healing time for skin injuries and surgeries and offer non-invasive remedies for quicker recovery from muscoskeletal injuries and orthopedic surgeries. Although improvements can be seen after the first treatment, the treatments are cumulative in nature and many patients benefit from several sessions.

Flower Essence Blends - In the 1930’s, Dr, Edward Bach discovered 38 flower essences that offer a complete system of healing directed at the personality, mood, and emotional outlook of the individual. The 38 essences are homeopathically prepared from the flowers of non-poisonous plants, bushes, and trees. Each essence is for a specific emotional and mental state. Flower essences have been found to be extremely beneficial in the treatment of emotional and physical issues of all animal species.

Nutrition and Supplements - Nutrition is an essential component of healthcare and can be used to improve or cure many ailments. Dr. Federhart works with the owner to develop a diet that best meets the needs of the animal. Dr. Federhart utilizes several resources such as vitamins, minerals, western herbs, ayurvedic herbs, Chinese herbs, and Nutriceuticals when developing nutritional therapies for an animal.

Informative Talks - Dr. Federhart also does informative talks on several pet care topics. Check the newsletter for sessions available at the WWAC or call to inquire about scheduling a talk for your organization.

Appointments - Appointments can be scheduled at the clinic. Dr. Federhart also does house calls by appointment in Watauga, Avery, and Ashe counties. Maggie does not do surgeries at her current location. She works closely with other area veterinarians if these services are needed. Whispering Waters Animal Care was formerly located on 321 N between Boone and Blowing Rock, NC. To schedule an appointment please call 828-264-8077.